Empowered Mom's Goal Planner PLR Template 76 pages made in Canva

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Empowered Mom's Goal Planner PLR Template

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Need a fast and easy way to invite friends and family to your Easter party without the stress?

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6 Invitation Designs

Design 1

Round invitations with cover and details pages. Tie them together with a ribbon.

Design 02

Half-page invitations with cover and details pages. Fold and glue together or cut and tie together with a ribbon.

Designs 03 to 06

One-fourth page invitations in 4 different designs. Just print, cut, and send.

Celebrate Easter the easy way!

With The Momtastic Easter Invitations, you can...

Easily download and print your choice of invitation from the 6 designs.

Give your personal touch when you assemble the invitation sheets with a ribbon or twine

Fill in your Easter party details in the space provided fuss-free.

Send out the invitations quickly.

Sit back, relax and expect your guests to RSVP.

Enjoy your Easter party stress-free.


I know how stressful it is to plan a family celebration. There are so many details to think about and miles of lists to keep track of. You hardly have time to sit down after a day of juggling all your mom roles at work and at home.

I hope these free Easter invitations will help ease some of your stress and tick off at least one item in your never-ending To-do list.

There are more helpful resources for moms and kids in store for you. Enjoy!

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Grab the FREE Momtastic Easter Invitations and invite your guests to your awesome party without the stress

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SuperMom 1-Minute Toolkit Self-Care pack, 35 pages, sell, template, edit in Canva, US Letter and A4 sizes

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